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Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sadly, many property owners are still doing the things that should be avoided as they plan for their kitchen remodeling project. As a result, they end up being not that satisfied as soon as the project is over. How can you avoid this issue? To help you, here are some of the most typical kitchen remodel mistakes that you should avoid at all cost: 

Being indecisive  

Never confirm something with your contractor unless you’re sure that you’ll be happy with the result of the remodeling plans. If you change your mind in the middle of any kitchen remodel projects, then expect that it can cause frustration due to unexpected expenses and delays. So, you have to ensure that you are satisfied with the plans before the work starts to save yourself the trouble.   

Getting the wrong size  

Utilizing things with incorrect size can make the whole kitchen appear incomplete and sloppy. For instance, when you opt for bar stools that are way shorted compared to your kitchen island’s height, it’ll be impossible for your household members to use this kitchen area comfortably.  

Another example is when you’re picking light fixtures to hang on top of your island without measuring the island first. When the light fixtures aren’t the correct size, they can make the whole kitchen appear slightly off. So, you should always prepare a tape measure and make it a habit to take measurements first before you purchase anything to prevent this issue.   

Selecting appliances last  

It’s important to select your new kitchen appliances in advance rather than doing this until the last minute. That’s because the appliances must perfectly fit between your kitchen cabinets, and you will not know their accurate measurements until you pick them. Hence, when you put it off for a long time, you’ll need to decide where your cabinets will go and how much area you have to save for your upcoming kitchen appliances without knowing their precise sizes.   

Forgetting to consider the workflow  

A kitchen has three busiest parts— the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Hence, you should never position these three features side by side in your kitchen. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for more than one person to prep or cook food simultaneously. It would help if you formed a triangle with the stove, sink, and refrigerator instead. That way, you’ll get a lot of room for you to work in your new kitchen efficiently.   

Skimping on storage  

There’s no such thing as having much storage area. Hence, it would help if you never skimped on storage as you design your new kitchen. So, suppose you want to maximize every inch of your storage area. In that case, you can consider different kitchen features such as inserts inside your drawers and cabinets, tray dividers, roll-out drawers, lazy Susans, etc.   

These are only some of the many mistakes in kitchen remodeling that you should pay attention to and always avoid. If you need help with your kitchen remodel plans or designs, contact the expert kitchen designers and contractors now.   

What Are the Hottest Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets?

Listed below are some of the cabinet accessories, mostly used by homeowners, that can make any kitchen more functional and efficient. Keep on reading to know more about this: 

Wine racks  

Property owners who love to entertain and host parties usually request wine storage racks in their kitchens. Most of the time, racks can store as few as dozens or 12 bottles of wine, depending on your storage needs and interest.   

Pullout Shelves  

You can install pullout shelves in virtually any cabinet and help to easily make the full depth of the cabinet visible and accessible. A lot of these shelves have an edge that keeps the contents in place.   

Carousels and Lazy Susans   

Before Lazy Susans were released, corner cabinets were hard to access and usually end up wasting your kitchen area. Corner carousels can help in keeping contents be organized efficiently. A lot of kitchens have incorporated a carousel in a base cabinet. However, they can be beneficial in upper cupboards to store small items like vinegar, oils, and spices.    

Flip-down storage  

Usually, the cabinet under a sink is fitted with a panel that seems like a drawer without utility. However, this is a spot where it’s beneficial to get a place for sponges, bar soap, and pot scrubbers to keep them at hand. You can fit a panel using an insert and a hinge that will cater to these items.   

Drawer dividers  

Drawer dividers can be used in many ways, and it’s mostly used for spices or cutlery. In deeper drawers, you can use dividers to organize lids, pans, and pots.   

Recycling bins and pull-out trash  

Recycling bins and a pullout for trash are among the most popular kitchen cabinet accessories that many homeowners usually request. When you have shopped for them, then perhaps you’ve realized that you have limited options, and you’ll get a trash liner that hangs over the can’s edge in full sight. Usually,   they are set up close to a dishwasher and sink where the depth can cater to 1-2 receptacles. You can also consider a front panel that’s matched to the cabinets. Pullout bins can assist in controlling the kitchen smell as well.    

Space fillers and pullout pantry units  

If your pantry closet has shelves, it tends to be disorganized easily. Usually, we store boxed, bottled, and canned food products in pantries. Hence, it’s vital to access the contents easily and inspect product and supplies’ expiration dates. Pullout units allow you to perceive everything you’ve stored within, helping you find the items you need right away.   

Cabinet dividers  

Cutting boards and baking sheets are among those hard to store and get easy access to in kitchens. However, if you want to make these things visible and keep them from getting bent or damaged, you can fit cabinets with vertical dividers.   

These are some of the best accessories that you can apply as you do your kitchen remodel project. If interested, contact your trusted contractor today. 

Advantages of Hiring a Bath & Kitchen Designer

Listed below are some of the major perks if you hire a professional bath and kitchen design expert for your renovating project: 

Know all the trends 

Your chosen expert designer will be updated on the newest trends and can provide you information about the design ideas that’ll improve your space. A bath and kitchen remodel designer near you will be familiar with the design features and styles that are prevalent within your neighborhood, which can be crucial when you’re planning to renovate your home and consider selling it sooner or later.  

Budget and cost management 

What you spend on a particular designer won’t just give you quality and peace of mind, but you can also be assisted to maximize your allotted budget with the help of an experienced designer. A reputable designer will guarantee that you’ve determined everything you need and give transparent budget advice. That way, you won’t get late surprises. This enables you to create more informed design stage decisions so that you won’t encounter any late surprises. Moreover, they will guarantee you that you’ll be spending money on the things that give you the best value, and they can help you save money by avoiding expensive repairs during the process of designing and installation.  

See things from new perspectives 

An expert designer will provide you a new insight and perspective and help you perceive your area in a fresh way. They can help you think about a new layout, come up with a more effective area, and get the most out of your storage. The designer you hire should consider your ideas but help you see them differently and give ideas that you have never thought out before. They can do so thanks to their experience, training, and knowledge.  

Training and expertise 

A bath or kitchen designer is an expert in a particular field and has the right expertise when it comes to the style and functionality of those areas. They know the storage, cabinetry, functionality, and layout of home living areas. Their experience and training leave them distinctly positioned to let you know how to maximize your space—and to guide you to know more about what works and what won’t.   

Knowledge of products and access 

A bath and kitchen designer has detailed knowledge regarding the available products. Moreover, they have access to better products than what you can see in your local stores. Thanks to their deep understanding of various products, they can guide you to get better money value and determine where to concentrate your budget dollars. Aside from that, they can give you some advice on how you can add local materials or unique features from local suppliers or artists.  

To find the best kitchen and bath designers, you can start by talking to local family and friends regarding their experiences working with one, visit their online profiles and check out their showrooms, and interview the designers to get a grasp of how they approach things. 

Why Should You Consider a Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Do you think you need to change your kitchen now? Other kitchens may need to be fully renovated to meet the kitchen needs of the property owners. At the same time, some kitchens can be enhanced by incorporating new elements such as a backsplash or countertop or coating them with a fresh paint color. If you plan to have a kitchen remodeling project, you should determine your needs. For that, here are the major reasons why you have to consider investing in a kitchen remodel project. 

How to Remodel a Kitchen | Houzz

Improve area for entertaining and cooking  

People need to have an organized kitchen that they love to cook. These people would prefer to have utensils at hand, storage for bakeware, pans, pots, enough space for food preparation, and organized storage for spices, vinegar, and oils.   

Usually, some of the elements they specify include a commercial range or cooktop, two sinks, two ovens, and other optional appliances like wine refrigerators, beverage and icemakers, convection ovens, and warming drawers.   

Once you have an improved kitchen area, you don’t have to worry about the traffic while doing your business in your kitchen.   

Incorporate more functional storage space  

Is your kitchen turns out to be very cluttered? Or are you having a hard time accessing upper cupboards or cabinets? Whenever property owners discuss to contractors regarding kitchen remodeling, they nearly always want to come up with more functional storage by setting up deep storage drawers, Lazy Susans, or pullout shelving. Moreover, they usually want to modify their kitchen cabinets to give more storage or add a pantry.   

With the help of kitchen remodeling contractors, you can achieve all of those factors effectively and efficiently.   

Enhance work areas  

If you think you have an ineffective kitchen floor plan based on your needs, it would be best to consider kitchen remodeling. That usually happens in older houses or in kitchens where “enhancements” that do make sense anymore were intended to add storage or cater appliances.   

Moreover, replacing appliances may also need floor plan changes. These appliances must be placed accordingly to let you work efficiently. The refrigerator, range-vent/cooktop, and sink must be positioned conveniently, including the door swings incorporated into the design of your kitchen triangle.   

Change your outdated and worn-out fixtures and appliances.  

Once your kitchen’s appliances and fixtures are more than 25 years old, they will most likely need to be remolded. Countertops and cabinets can get damaged over time with age and use. You may eventually observe that drawers don’t properly close anymore, doors and shelves may have started to warp, finishes are deteriorating, or a counter is either chipped, stained, or scratched.   

Moreover, your kitchen appliances have also significantly changed over the past 20 years. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide variety of kitchen appliances today that meet the recommended energy-saving standards. For many kitchens, small appliances like electric kettles, coffeemakers, and mixers are now considered as must-have appliances, as well as computers, tablets, and cellphones that may need additional outlets.